Tutu Care Instructions

How To Care For Your Ensemble:

Subella Baby Boutique carefully packages your ensemble, prior to it leaving the facility. However, upon arrival, your tutu may appear "flat". The steps below are to assist you in re-fluffing your tutu.

Remove your tutu from the package and hang it up right away. If your tutu has "strands", run your fingers through the tulle and lightly lift the tulle with your fingers while running them through the strands. For tiered tutus, lightly lift the bottom of each tier and this will re-fluff the layers.

Cleaning instructions for all tutus/tutu dresses:

If you spill something on your tutu or get dirt on it, simply run the areas under warm water and clean by hand. Try to do this as carefully as possible and not snag or rip the tulle. Afterwards, hang your tutu to dry. Once it's dry, simply re-fluff.

It is NOT recommended that you put your tutu in the washing machine or dryer. This will cause damage to your tutu. The tutu could get snagged on something in the washing machine which would cause the tulle to tear. The heat from the dryer could cause the tutu to shrink or cause color variations, depending on how hot the dryer is. Additionally, the decorations could become damaged. The decorations are heat sealed and if exposed to extreme heat, the decorations could become loose. By following the hand cleaning instructions above, it will ensure that your tutu will not get damaged and the decorations will stay in tact when trying to clean it.